Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Now that we are coming to the end of being residents of Charleston S.C.
I thought I would catch you up a bit on some of the fun we have been having while I haven't been posting.. I know how much you missed us!

Our old truck had a baby!

Jeremiah took Kennen to a Hockey game last year.
They had some great daddy daughter time!

One of our favorite places here is walking along the water front.
Here Jeremiah is throwing the kids over about a 6ft drop.

Before taking the kids out into town we try to wear them out... run bases, jump off things.. safety first.

We had beach day every Saturday...
Until it dropped below 80 degrees and now I think its freezing!

We recently had our last camping trip here, and we made sure the mosquitoes had their fill!

The huge rainstorms here were the best!

We will miss the Alligator hunting! (we shine flashlights on the water and see there big ol eyes)
If I can give advise to any who wish to come to S.C. ... Don't swim in the water and be aware of the smallest puddles!

And of course the first day of school!! They are growin up so fast.. (sniff)

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Ashton and Shanda Call Family said...

you should post soon again! I always wonder what you are up to! You hold a special place in my childhood memories, and I think of you often. Your kids are growing so fast! I can't believe I use to babysit Kennen! Seems so long ago. where are you now?