Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Phew... what a day!

Kennen had an awards ceremony at her school! She got A hand writing award from her teacher and then a special award from the principal. We are so proud of her, she is such a smarty pants and good student! This picture of Brooke is from the ceremony. When we were walking to find a seat, we walked between a woman and a small boy that she was trying to coax over with a sucker... I don't think he got the sucker.

These are dark. The ribbons on her shirt were class awards. The heavy medal is the one from the principal.
My family disappered one afternoon. I thought they took off in the car without me. but then i heard the giggling coming from outside..
Kennen made her valentines this year! they turned out so cute and super yummy..
She also enjoyed the Valentines that she got from her friends.

Taking the kids out bike riding.
Yes, the kids loved it!
They are so cute!
And finally, we are selling our giant truck! We just got it and I'm so sad to see it go.. but it is to big for Charelston. So this is my goodbye to it...
Goodbye big red truck!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Kennen!!!

Congratulations to Brooke also -- Nice snag girl!

Love you all and miss you - Grandma

Kim said...

I miss you like crazy lady!!!! We must end up together...somehow...someday.....Imglad you live so far away because Scott would be trying to buy that truck right now!!:)