Friday, December 31, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Wow! Another year come and gone!! Time goes by so fast when you have kids. Not sure if its because they are so cute and you have so much fun with them everyday that its over in a flash... or if its because they keep you on your toes all day and run you ragged that when it comes time to put them in bed and you finally get a moments peace, you fall asleep standing!

Well we have had a great year, busy but great! I will write just a few short paragraphs of all that has gone on this year! If you are interested in seeing what the Wageman family has been doing then please keep reading.. if you are not, well then maybe you should be looking at someone else's blog! Ok, Ill start with the youngsters!

Brooke beans (3 but pretends to be older)! She is still a little crazy monkey. I have come to believe there isn't anything this child can't do, or get into! We don't hold much back from Brooke. If Kennen can do it Brooke is soon behind her figuring it out! She loves her babies, dress up, mud, playing in the mud in her dress up, burps on que, laughing, hugs and kisses and blowing bubbles with her gum. And me... she loves me.

Carson (4, I'm not ready for him to be any older)! He is so much boy! Sometimes I wonder where he learns it from and then I catch his father doing the same thing... Carson is very different from my girls. He won't learn something unless he wants to. And that isn't a bad thing, because he is super smart in things that he wants to know. The girls will sit with a book reading or coloring for hours.. Carson will sit taking apart my electronics and counting all the pieces! Carson loves his games, working with daddy, tormenting his sisters, tooting, and figuring out how the world around him works. And me... he loves me.

Kennen is all girl (16 stuck in a 7 year old body). She is ridiculously smart, her teachers love her. She is a bit of teachers pet, but hey, it gets her what she wants... She reads faster than I do, and is well rounded in all of her other studies. She stuns us all. We are very proud of how well she does in school. She loves to play with her brother and sister, music, computer games, reading, helping me cook and clean, dancing, and avoiding chores. Oh and she loves me too!

Now me (22.. )! I don't really know if I've changed much this last year! I'm working hard to stay caught up with my kids, and I've had so much fun in the process! I like to learn new things, and keep busy. I love to play with the kids, cooking, crafty things, trying to ride the dirt bikes, running and other odd exercises, reading, and getting to know my husband again, since it seems like he has been on a ship for the last three years! I may seem kinda boring but really I'm awesome!

Miah... Ummm (see Carson from above)!!
Miah has been a wonderful father and husband. We recently moved clear across the country to South Carolina and he has been able to be home more. The kids and I couldn't be happier... even though he has been a bit of a menace! Miah loves to take the pieces that aren't really needed out of my household appliances, his dirt bike, tormenting the kids until they are running around like crazies, driving me nuts, making brownies (that way he gets to eat the batter) playing on the computer and me, he loves me! He may seem kinda boring, but...

This is much longer than I had expected... It has been a good year for us, and lots of love... for me! We look forward to starting 2011!


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I finally found you blog. It good to see that you are doing well. You can see our blog at:

Anonymous said...

I love you too!! Mom