Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Christmas Slump.

We are in the Christmas slump! The house feels cramped now
from the holiday decor and I am way behind on the blogging.
So I took the tree down yesterday, and now I'm putting 4 posts in one!!
Lets start on... before Christmas activity.
Carson and Brooke gathered some seed pods from
outside and wanted to make ornaments.
They were lovely!

We went back to the festival of lights to see Santa.
It was fun a second time around too! We got there right when
he had to take a potty break, so we rode the carousel... i thought it a bit scary!
But the kids liked it!

Christmas morning!! At 8am! I was awake and ready to go at 6am
and thats only because Miah said if anyone gets up before 6am then they
would go back to bed... So I forced myself back to sleep when I had woken up at 4am.


And so, let the mess begin!

This damage is after they told me that they had taken all their stuff upstairs... hmm
Well we had a blast this Christmas.. I love Christmas day.
We all sit around and play with our toys and eat leftovers from
Christmas eve dinner and junk from our stockings!
What a slow wonderful day!

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